Art Galleries in Outer Hebrides

A trip to an art gallery or exhibition makes a sensible choice for an inspirational family day out or even a date! Visiting an art gallery or exhibition is a way of taking time out from your busy life and becoming more mindful. It can also help you define your own point of view, whilst understanding how others see things from another perspective. There are a few art galleries in the Outer Hebrides, which you could visit, if you decide to add some cultural value to your vacation.

Finsbay Gallery

Finsbay Gallery in Outer Hebrides

Pictures for the first time buyer and collector alike. An on-going selling exhibition from many established artists
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Harris Art Gallery

Harris-Art-Gallery in Outer Hebrides

Like Claude Monet who in 1893 painted the Cathedral of Rouan at different times of the day reflecting changes in its appearance under different lighting conditions, painting the Temple at Northton set in the most dramatic landscape in the Western isles of the Scottish coast, in different light and atmosphere, is a fantastic opportunity, which is just around the corner.

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