The Kings of Kilts Land on Harris’ Shores

MacGregor and MacDuff are delighted to announce its first fitting service on the Isle of Harris.With over 40 years of experience in kiltmaking, MacGregor and MacDuff are leading the way for contemporary highlandwear. 

The fitting on the Isle of Harris is in celebration of their soon-to-be-released Harris Mist tartan. The island’s crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and dramatic landscapes were the inspiration for their new tartan’s design.

Their kilt fitting service is the chance to be professionally measured by expert stylists, whether you are looking to purchase a new kilt, trews or full kilt outfit. With more than 4,000 tartans to choose from, their team will help you create the perfect highlandwear look, fit for weddings and celebrations as well as tartan accessories you can wear every day. This is the big city kilt shop experience without the hassle of leaving the island. 

The fitting will take place on the 18th of March and will be held at Number 4, Bunavoneader. One of their stylists will be travelling to Harris so they can walk each customer through everything MacGregor and MacDuff has to offer.

The Harris fitting service will be a unique experience not just for local residents but also for MacGregor and MacDuff themselves. Their fitting services normally take place in the heart of an urban city and aren’t usually surrounded by breathtaking Scottish scenery. 

With rave reviews for their fitting services in London, Manchester and even New York and Toronto, MacGregor and MacDuff are ready to add Harris as their next destination. 

If you would like to book an appointment, email or call 0141 280 3398.

Number 4, Bunavondeader

Isle of Harris, HS3 3AL


Phone: 0141 280 3398


Instagram – @macgregorandmacduff

Facebook – @macgregorandmacduff

Twitter – @kingsofkilts

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